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Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Corn Fed Cows

1.  Do you sell hot dogs?


Yes, we do! We offer two different brands--Leon Sausage Co and Daisy Brand.

We sell all beef or beef/pork hot dogs from Leon Sausage Co and they come in either a large (4 hot dogs/lb) or small (6 hot dogs/lb) size.

In the Daisy brand we offer the "old fashioned" type of hot dog with the natural casing on it so it has a heavier skin. We also offer the Daisy Brand skinless hot dogs. Daisy Brand usually runs about 5 or 6 hot dogs/lb.




2.  Do you sell Dubliner cheese or Irish Kerry butter?


We do not sell Dubliner cheese, but we do sell the Irish Kerry butter.




3.  Why don't you sell individual fillets? Why do I have to purchase the whole butt tender?


To keep costs down for everyone we require our customers to purchase the entire butt tender.  We do not pre-cut our fillets. They are a special order item. This is our policy because it isn’t cost effective for us or to our customers to sell anything less than the entire butt tender. If we did cut individual fillets and we didn’t sell all of them that day we would have to grind them up or use the meat for beef shish-ka-bobs. Butt tender is an expensive piece of beef to turn into ground meat. This would cause the price of our ground beef, patties, and shish-ka-bobs to go up. So that is why we don’t sell individual fillets and how we are trying to keep our prices down across the board. One butt tender yields about 4-6 fillets.  Freeze any extras and now you have a second meal.




4.  Do you sell wild game meat?


No, we do not sell any wild game meat. Everything we sell is USDA inspected.




5.  What day do you make your Irish Soda Bread?


We make our Irish Soda Bread every day except Mondays and Wednesdays. It is hot out of the oven just before 9:00 AM. We also sell fresh baked Irish Brown Bread on Saturdays.




6.  Do you make your own Irish bangers (sausages)?


No, we do not make our own Irish bangers in the store. However, we do offer Winston brand and they come in 1 pound packages.



7.  What makes Jack & Pat's meat different? Do you get your meat from grass-fed cows?


No, our beef comes from corn fed cows. Corn-fed cows have more of the coveted fat-marbling, which is one factor that determines a cut of beef's USDA rating -- the more fat within the red meat, the richer the taste, the higher the grade. We specialize in Prime Cuts, which is the grade you would find in a top quality steakhouse restaurant. Grass-fed cows have more muscle tone that can cause the meat to be a little leaner, but also chewier.

All of our beef is antibiotic and hormone free.


We also grind all of our meat on-site. We do not have any ground meat shipped in, which means that it is much fresher than buying pre-packaged ground meat at a grocery store.



Hot Dogs
Dubliner Cheese Kerry Butter
Wild Game Meat
Irish Soda Bread
Irish Bangers



1.  I've never been in your butcher shop before, what products do you recommend?


We think you will love anything you try, but we polled our Facebook friends and here is what they recommended most frequently:


Porterhouse Patties, Sirloin Patties,  Polish Sausage, Italian Sausage, Stuffed Chicken Breasts, House Ribs, English Cut Pot Roast, and any of our Steaks.




2.  Do you sell bones that are safe for dogs?


Yes, we sell dog bones in our freezer. The butchers can cut any bone to any size just let
them know what you need. It is highly recommended that you give the frozen bone to your
dog. Do not boil the bone first because it will weaken the bone and cause it to splinter.




3.  My dog is on a raw diet. Do you sell organs for dog food?

We sell something we call our Dog Blend. It is made up of beef hearts, beef liver, and tripe (stomach lining of a cow). We order these raw organs just especially for this blend. They are natural and are not preserved in any way. The Dog Blend normally comes in 1 LB packages. However, if you place an order you can specify what poundage you would like in a bag. This is the most popular option that we offer for dogs.





4.  Do you ship your meat out of state?

No, unfortunately at this time, we do not ship our meat.




5. Do you sell gift cards?  


Yes, we sell gift cards that can be loaded with any dollar amount. To purchase a gift card ask one of the cashiers for assistance or give us a call. 



6.  What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept cash, check, Jack & Pat's gift cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) and the Illinois Link card. 

Dog Bones
Ship meat
Product Recommendations
Gift cards
Dog Blend
Don't see your question?  Contact us at and we will try to answer it for you.
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