Lamb Cuts 

Items in red are Special Order

Items in blue are Frozen Cuts


Lamb Shoulder can be a tougher cut, but also more flavorful. These cuts should be cooked using moist cooking methods to make it tender. Our lamb cuts come from domestic lamb, which is much more tender than Australian or New Zealand lamb.

  • Lamb Shoulder Chop (Lamb Arm Chop)

  • Lamb Blade Chop 

  • Lamb Shoulder Roast

  • Lamb Stew Meat

  • Ground Lamb


Lamb Rack contains eight ribs, which are usually cut into small and tender rib chops. Left in one piece, the rack makes a delicious roast, or you can tie two or three racks together to form an elegant crown roast. These cuts are best prepared using dry cooking methods. The rack is the most expensive cut of lamb you can get.

  • Rack of Lamb (Lamb Rib Roast)

  • Lamb Rib Chop


Lamb Loin is where the most tender cuts come from, including loin chops and loin roasts. The loin is leaner than meat from the rack. Be careful not to overcook it, and be sure to use a dry-heat method such as broiling, grilling or roasting.

  • Lamb Chop


Lamb Leg is the most popular cut. The leg offers large, lean cuts that can be quite tender, like those from the sirloin, or less tender from the shank half. Depending on which you choose, the leg is usually roasted but can be braised if less tender or it can be boned and butterflied for grilling. Our lamb cuts come from domestic lamb, which is much more tender than Australian or New Zealand lamb.

  • Leg of Lamb*

  • Lamb Leg Chop (Lamb Leg Steak)*

* Available Fresh (unfrozen) around Christmas and Easter holidays


Lamb Foreshank is less tender and best prepared with moist cooking methods. Cuts from the shank are usually diced and used in stews.

  • Lamb Shanks


Lamb Breast is flavorful and in the middle between tender and tough. The breast is good for roasting or braising. Lamb breast gives us spareribs, along with some other meat that's usually made into ground lamb

  • Lamb Breast

  • Lamb Ribs (Denver Ribs)

  • Lamb Spare Ribs


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