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Boneless Mickelberry Hams
  • This is the brand we use to make our Baked Ham that we sell in the deli

  • Some customers request to have this ham dinner sliced & retired so that it's just heat, cut strings, and ready to serve

  • We can also cover it in brown sugar spice if requested

  • Whole Ham: 10-12 LBS 

  • Half Ham: 5-7 LBS

Kentucky Legend Boneless Ham
  • This ham is hand-selected and trimmed, patiently cured in its own natural juices with no water added and, then, smoked not once, but twice, over real hickory wood. 

  • Top of the Line in Mickleberry Hams Division

  • Whole Ham: 6-8 LBS

  • Half Ham: 4-5 LBS

Winter's Spiral Sliced Ham with Brown Sugar Packet
Hof Haus Semi-Boneless Ham
  • This semi-boneless style ham is named for the center bone which remains in this traditional dinner ham, adding to the delicious taste.

  • It's a bestseller around the holidays for its elegance and easy carving style. 

  • Whole Ham: 13-20 LBS

  • Half Ham: 7-10 LBS

  • Bone-In Ham Spiral Cut

  • Ham needs to be covered with foil when cooking to prevent it from drying out

  • Whole Ham: 15-19 LBS

  • Half Ham: 8.5-10.5 LBS

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