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Thanksgiving Turkeys

We are no longer taking orders for Turkeys or Breasts. We won't know until Friday what we will have available if you didn't place and order already.

 Fresh Whole Turkeys

Rosebud Farm Fresh Turkeys
12-20 lbs range


Amish Country Fresh Turkeys
8-12 lbs and +20 lbs range


 Fresh Turkey Breasts

4-7 lbs

7+ lbs

As you may have heard, HOKA Farms will longer be selling fresh turkeys. They have decided to close their family business to enjoy retirement. Unfortunately, we will not have any HOKA turkeys this year. Instead, we are offering Rosebud Farms Fresh Turkeys and Amish Country Fresh Brand (*please see note below). Jack & Pat's reputation stands behind both turkey brands and we know that you will be pleased with the quality of the turkeys.

We are working with a new distributor and to secure an allotment of fresh turkeys we had to put our order in this week based on past years data. What this means is that it will be extremely important to order your turkey EARLY to receive the size you want. We will do our best to come as close to the size you requested. Once a certain weight has been claimed we will stop taking orders for that size turkey because we've been told there is a low probability that we will be able to request any more turkeys. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Fresh whole turkeys in the 8-12 lbs range and 20+ range will not be Rosebud Farms, but an Amish Country Fresh Brand.

We will begin taking orders on October 20 and will keep you posted on availability. Turkeys will be available to pickup as early as November 15.

Our best advice is to place your order early to get the best and widest selection of turkey sizes. Priority will be given to those that order early. 


Turkey FAQs

1. How do I order a turkey?


You can order a turkey by coming into the butcher shop or calling us on the phone.  We will take your contact information and order and then assign you a number. It is important to remember this number because when you come to pick up your order the butcher will ask for it so that he/she can find the order quickly. If you forget your order number, we can look it up based on your contact information that was provided at the time the order was placed, but please be aware that this will be a much longer process.


2. What size turkey do I need to buy?


When deciding what size turkey to buy, figure 1 to 1-1/2 pounds per person, depending on whether you are big eaters and how much you want leftover. It is generally recommended to figure on 1-1/2 pounds per person so that there are enough leftovers.  Here is a link to a cool turkey calculator.


3. How long do I roast my turkey?

The following are recommendations. When cooking a turkey, always use a meat thermometer to ensure doneness.

Roasting a Fresh Turkey:

A fresh turkey will usually cook faster than one that has been frozen. Check the doneness often! Cook at 325°F, until thigh temperature is 180°F and Breast/Stuffing is 165°F.

Estimated times:

8-12 pound turkey:  Unstuffed 2-3/4 - 3 hours, Stuffed 3 - 3-1/2 hours

12-14 pound turkey:  Unstuffed 3 - 3-3/4 hours, Stuffed 3-1/2 - 4 hours

14-18 pound turkey:  Unstuffed 3-3/4 - 4-1/4 hours, Stuffed 4 - 4-1/2 hours

18-20 pound turkey:  Unstuffed 4-1/4 - 4-1/2 hours, Stuffed 4-1/4 - 4-3/4 hours

20-24 pound turkey:  Unstuffed 4-1/2 - 5 hours, Stuffed 4-3/4 - 5-1/4 hours

Roasting a Turkey Breast:

Cook at 325°F. Cook until the temperature is 170°F.

Approximate times:
4-6 pounds: 1-1/2 - 2-1/4 hours
6-8 pounds: 2-1/4 - 3-1/4 hours


4. Do I need to rest the turkey before I carve it?


Yes, you should rest the turkey before carving. Grab one side of the roasting rack with an oven mitt and tilt the whole pan so the liquids inside the turkey cavity run out into the pan. (These juices are used to make the gravy.) Then, lift the whole turkey (still on the rack) and transfer it to a cutting board. Tent the turkey with aluminum foil and let it rest for at least 30 minutes. This gives time for the meat to firm up and the juices to be re-absorbed into the muscle tissue, making the turkey easier to slice and taste juicier


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