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This time of year all our suppliers raise the price of beef because they know items like tenderloins, boneless ribeye roasts, and bone-in rib roasts are in high demand.
Butt Tenders
Boneless Ribeye Roast


Whole Beef Tenderloins
  • Range in size from 5 LBS to 8 LBS in the package

  • Special Note: Please keep in mind that the price we charge is based on weight before trim. You will lose 1.25-1.75 LBS in fat & waste. This equates to approximately $4 more per pound in finished weight.​

    • For example, our price for an untrimmed whole tender is $20.98/LB, but it is equivalent to being a $25/LB trimmed whole tender.​

  • Front half of whole tender, same diameter, approximately 3-4 LBS

  • Best for small roasts or cutting steaks

  • Available year-round

  • The "King" of all roasts! Well-marbled and John's personal preference

  • Will cut to any size. Everything you pay for you can eat--no waste

  • Another excellent choice. Will cut to any size or number of ribs requested.

  • Each rib will be 2-2.5 LBS each of weight

  • If requested, we can also debone/retie rib to roast

Sirloin Top Butt Roast
  • Excellent roast--same piece of meat we cut our boneless sirloin steaks from

  • Largest size is about 8 LBS

  • If you have a large group we recommend ordering 2

Top Round Roast
  • Very popular roast!

  • Same beef roast we use for our roast beef that we sell in the deli and our catering roast beef beef

Sirloin Tip Roast
Eye of the Round Roast
We can make the Top Round Roast, Sirloin Tip Roast, or Eye of the Round Roast as a marinated beef roast in a cooking bag, if requested
Prime Rib with the Bone
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